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Welcome to Koththamalli

Where I share straight facts about events in Sri Lanka, my country of origin, and other topics that inspire me. For those interested in human rights, journalism and the thoughts of a Sri Lankan-Canadian who's lived and worked in different parts of the world. Read on, enjoy and engage.


Koththamalli is a herbal drink made of coriander seeds, traditionally used by Sri Lankans at the first sign of sickness. Like this strong, bitter medicinal drink, my writing aims to pack a punch, raise awareness, perhaps remedy an ailment or two.


The Adored are Now the Cursed

The Rajapaksa clan and their boot lickers are used to one thing only; hero worship by a gullible public who dubbed one brother, Mahinda,...

Silencing the Catholics!

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, for long preached and waged a strong campaign to return a Rajapaksa-led government to power. He has been an...

Hiding Behind Covid-19

Covid-19 has played havoc with the world order, but for the Gotabaya Rajapaksa regime, it is a Godsend! And so, instead of the usual...

In Pursuit of a genuine Republic

Sri Lanka cut its cord to Monarchic rule forty nine years ago: with it came a change of name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka, and a new...


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