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Welcome to Koththamalli

Where I share straight facts about events in Sri Lanka, my country of origin, and other topics that inspire me. For those interested in human rights, journalism and the thoughts of a Sri Lankan-Canadian who's lived and worked in different parts of the world. Read on, enjoy and engage.

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Koththamalli is a herbal drink made of coriander seeds, traditionally used by Sri Lankans at the first sign of sickness. Like this strong, bitter medicinal drink, my writing aims to pack a punch, raise awareness, perhaps remedy an ailment or two.

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Ranil Cut a Sorry Figure

Ranil Wickremesinghe just dug himself into a hole. In attempting to outsmart Deutsche Welle’s Martin Gak during an interview, President...


Shamindrini Sivananthan He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, remembering the first time he had come to Galle Face. It had been in...

You Cannot Out your damned Spot!

At long last, he is begging for forgiveness. After doggedly refusing to acknowledge responsibility for any part of the 2019 Easter Sunday...

The Adored are Now the Cursed

The Rajapaksa clan and their boot lickers are used to one thing only; hero worship by a gullible public who dubbed one brother, Mahinda,...

Silencing the Catholics!

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, for long preached and waged a strong campaign to return a Rajapaksa-led government to power. He has been an...

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